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Welcome to Wains

Wains is a family business founded in 1963, supplying an extensive range of glass and plastic containers for a range of purposes, from food packaging to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. We have the expertise to match our customers' requirements to the best packaging solution for them and can provide orders in a range of quantities - from small orders through to bulk, trade requirements.

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We offer all kinds of food storage containers…

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Personal care

Personal Care Jars or Containers

We have a huge range of cosmetic packaging…

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Pharmaceutical Jars or Containers

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Chemical Industrial jars or Containers

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Our food storage containers offer the perfect display, sale and storage solution for all foods, drinks and other perishable items. In addition to our range of food storage containers we also offer a range of medicine bottles, ensuring medicines and pharmaceuticals are stored and dispensed safely. With a range of closures including a variety of tamper proof lids, medicines can be kept out of harm's way.

At Wains we are acutely aware of the impact that packaging has on our environment. We are working with manufacturers to encourage our customers to purchase packaging options that have a lower environmental cost, both in terms of production and disposal including plastic containers and glass bottles. The use of glass bottles has the bonus of being able to be re-used or recycled. At the same time the development of new plastic compounds is progressing and we are constantly updating our ranges of plastic containers to encompass the latest advancements.

Browse the site for information about our whole range and please feel free to contact us if would like to discuss your requirements further.